martedì 6 marzo 2012


I serbi bloccano un convoglio Eulex. La Kfor blocca le strade.
Dal sito di B92 (con fonte Beta e Tanjug)

NATO troops in Kosovo, KFOR, blocked the main road between Kosovska Mitrovica and Ribariće near in Zupče on Tuesday afternoon.
(Tanjug, file) The Zvečan-Zubin Potok road in Jagnjenica is also blocked, a Tanjug correspondent has reported. According to the news agency, a KFOR soldier briefly stated that the blockade "followed a EULEX action".
Earlier today, local Serbs stopped a EULEX convoy in order to prevent it from reaching the administrative checkpoint of Brnjak, located between Kosovo and central Serbia.
An EULEX vehicle made an attempt to head towards Zubin Potok and the Brnjak crossing individually, and not, as it has been usual so far, in a convoy and accompanied by KFOR.
KFOR soldiers with armored personnel carriers and trucks are standing on a section of the main road in Zupče, and Austrian soldiers are equipped for riot control, Tanjug said.
Beta news agency reported that a number of local Serbs had gathered in Zupče, at a location where they previously built a now removed barricade.
The situation in the area is calm, said Beta.
Serbs form the majority in northern Kosovo and do not accept the ethnic Albanian unilateral declaration of independence, rejecting at the same time the Kosovo authorities in Priština.
The local Serbs previously announced that the EU mission, EULEX, vehicles suspected of assisting in attempts to establish Kosovo's institutions in the north would be denied passage. At the same time, KFOR and EULEX are demanding to be given unconditional freedom of movement.

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